DrAlex FamiliaOnline
Put your family tree and pictures/video on the web
FamiliaOnline: Features
  • FamiliaOnline hosts and displays your family tree and associated files (pictures, video/audio clips and other).
  • You can enter family data (names, dates, relationships, events, notes, etc) interactively or upload a GEDCOM.
  • You can upload still pictures, video/audio clips and other files and accompanying information (date, place, description, etc.)
  • You can link files to individuals.
  • The rectangle tool lets you tag people in a picture.
  • In a video clip, you can mark a frame with the given person.
  • Upload of multiple files at once.
  • Family tree in "Outline", "Roots & Offspring" and "CollapsiTree" formats.
  • Relationship finder to find out how are you related to a distant cousin.
  • Personal page for each individual.
  • Index of names, file lists, thumbnail galleries.
  • Support of information sources.
  • All pages are cross-linked.
  • Customizable title page, fonts and backgrounds.
  • Privacy protection measures, including hiding of selected individuals and restricting access to your site.
  • Passport-protected admin entrance.

  • No banners, pop-up windows or other ads on your site.
  • Free 30-day trial.
  • Zero setup time.
  • Unlimited disk space for your data and files.